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About is a blog that believes in sharing knowledge. The more you share, the more you possess. It provides important post that comes across software development process.Besides, sharing on the blog, the information is shared on LinkedIn, Twitter,facebook, and Google+.

About Mohd Amir Ansari
Mohd Amir Ansari is a software engineer and founder of He is Microsoft Certified Professional specialization in Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3. He has knowledge of MVC4, C#, LINQ, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS, Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 and blogging. Mohd Amir Ansari started this website on  1st of August, 2013. It was introduced in order to overcome the problems that arise during the development process. The habit of posting the solutions to the problem faced grew into writing useful code that can be used anywhere in the development process to help others solve technical problems and also share Tech Knowledge through blog posts. All the posts include step-by-step procedure to solve technical problem/issues with screenshots wherever necessary.

You can also contact Mohd Amir Ansari personally for your technical problems via email

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