Monday, 29 September 2014

How to find nth highest salary

nth highest salary
How to find nth highest salary?

At the time of interview a very common question that is asked to almost all the candidates is to find the 2nd highest salary. And very often too candidates are unable to answer it. To find highest salary is not a big deal. But to find second highest salary... need to think a bit. But again, not a difficult task.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Create pdf file with logo along with table formatting

Pdf with Logo techiners
In the previous post Create Pdf file using C#, we have seen how to create a pdf file using C# and to display the data in the table format. This is like exporting HTML table to pdf format. Creating report in pdf format is not the motto but what if the report comes along with the company logo and the data is properly formatted. YES! That will look like a perfect report and official too. So, here is how we export company logo along with the properly formatted data in pdf format.

Steps For inserting the logo:

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Create Pdf File using C#

Create Pdf File using C#

C# to Pdf

As mentioned in the post Create XML file in C# .net that often we require to create text file, csv file or excel file for reporting purpose, an important format over internet can't be omitted i.e., pdf format.

pdf is Portable Document Format, a file format to present document independent of application software, hardware and operating system. It is widely used format because of it security and flexibility. Hence, we need to know how to create pdf file in C#? Or how to export HTML table to pdf format? So first we need a dll file

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Transforming XML to HTML using LINQ to XML

Converting XML to HTML using C#
In the post Create xml file in C# .net, we got to know about how to create XML file in C#. As mentioned in the previous post, XML helps creating our own tags and it focuses on what data is rather than how data looks. But... many a times it is important how data looks, to get the better look and feel. Thus need arises to convert the XML data into HTML format.

In this post we will convert XML file that we created previously into HTML format.